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Drontal Plus Canine Generic Without Prescription

Drontal Plus is a strong deworming medicine that assists to eliminate parasitic infections in pets, which occur due to roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms or hookworms. Praziquantel, a prime ingredient of this drug is highly effective in eradicating tapeworms, whereas pyrantel pamoate serves as an active cure to destroy hookworms. Febantel, another component, works against nematode parasites that consist of roundworms and whipworms.


What Is Drontal Plus Canine Generic :

Drontal Plus is a mix of powerful constituents that help to get rid of intestinal parasites in animals successfully by terminating them. Veterinary doctors recommend Drontal Plus for dogs weighing more than 2 lbs. and over 3 weeks of age who are suffering from a parasitic attack. Furthermore, it is also prescribed to treat infections in felines. When administered as a single dose, this medicine cures the infection effectively and restores the animals health.