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Elimite Skin Cream Generic Without Prescription

Elimite Skin Cream Generic used to treat scabies, a condition caused by tiny insects called mites that infest and irritate the skin. Permethrin belongs to a class of drugs known as piretryny. Permethrin works by paralyzing and killing the mites and their eggs.
Elimite Skin Cream Generic for use on the skin only. Apply this medication as soon as possible after being ordered. Apply the medication from head to soles of the feet, including under the nails and skin folds, such as between the fingers, as indicated. Massage the cream into the skin. Do not use more medicine than prescribed.
Wash off the cream after 8-14 hours, throwing or taking bath.Avoid getting the cream in your eyes, nose, mouth or vagina. If the drug gets into your eyes, flush eyes with plenty of water.