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Generic Gasex helps users in the proper digestion of food. Gasex tablets are digestive stimulants that increase the production of abdominal secretions such as bile and other similar enzymes. Individuals that buy Gasex are helped in digestion as it acts as antacid reducer of acidity, antiflatulent preventer of gas development in intestines, carminative agent reducer of intestinal gases and antispasmodic relieve spasms. Users also order Gasex for bowel preparation. In this procedure, the abdominal contents are cleared out so that when a radiographic X-ray image is taken, the physician/surgeon will get a clear view of abnormalities in the digestive system.

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What Is GASEX :

Gasex tablets are usually suggested for treating various symptoms that occur due to disease, such as:
  • Dyspepsia caused by various microbial infections, ulcers, liver diseases, etc. with the sufferers digestion process being disturbed, painful or difficult
  • Indigestion - Similar to dyspepsia caused by various reasons such as certain food products drugs pancreatic / gallbladder ailments intestinal parasites systemic problems digestive tract cancers certain reproductive organ problems gastrointestinal disorders as well as psychological problems. Patient will experience full-stomach feeling, nausea, etc.
  • Gaseousness - Accumulation of gases in stomach, usually after eating certain products, medications and many other reasons.
  • Flatulence, abdominal distension and belching - excessive gas formation passed through the anal region, unusual bloating up of stomach as well as burping can be controlled by the use of Gasex tablets.
  • Bowel preparation for carrying out radiographic diagnosis x-ray of stomach, which is used to investigate various abdominal problems.
  • Relieve stomach problems caused to patient after undergoing surgical procedures as well as when the patient is unable to move sufficiently.