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Lomotil Generic Without Prescription

Generic Lomotil Diphenoxylate Atropine is a bowel medication, popularly used in treating excessive bowel motion problems. It is a combination therapy in which users buying Lomotil combine it with fluid and salt replenishment remedies. Generic Lomotil tablets consist of Diphenoxylate - an antidiarrheal product and Atropine sulfate - an anticholinergic. Patients are said to suffer from diarrhea, if their excrements are excessively fluidic as well as loose and they have to pass stools at least thrice a day. Diarrhea could result from a number of reasons such as some drugs certain types of foods microorganisms like parasites, bacterium and virus, etc.

Usually, most diarrhea cases persist for about 2 - 3 days. If it persists for a longer duration, then the disorder may be a serious one and patients may need to carry out deeper investigation to diagnose the reasons. Patients are usually suggested to buy Diphenoxylate as preliminary treatment when they are faced with diarrhea-like conditions.

Generic Lomotil causes the bowel activity to reduce, thus controlling the intensity of diarrheal reaction. Generic lomotil is available as tablets Diphenoxylate 2.5 mg Atropine 0.025 mg in quantity of 30 and 90 tablets each. Known for its high quality medicines prompt service cost-effective pricing and discreet packaging, patients, dont need to fret about where to buy Lomotil. They can simply click on the “buy now” button here and buy Lomotil online immediately.

What Is Lomotil Generic :

Individuals buying Lomotil use it as an important element of medication therapy for controlling diarrhea.