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Nootropil is "nootrope", that is to say that it is psychoactive substance which acts directly on the brain to increase the effectiveness of the forebrain in normal subjects and people suffering from some functional deficit.
This area of ​​the brain involved in cognition and has a role in the collective memory and in combat readiness and awareness. Nootropil not produce either sedation or stimulation. Nootropil can affect the central nervous system in different ways. It will change in the synapses of the brain and can help to improve the metabolic environment necessary for good function of neurons. It also ha emorrheo logical agent and can improve microcirculation without causing dilation of blood vessels. When acute or long-term treatment of patients suffering from CNS or tunctional deficit after brain injury, such as hypoxia or intoxication, and after electroconvulsive therapy, it will enhance alertness and increase cognitive function. These changes are considered as a significant increase in alpha and beta activity, with a reduction of delta activity in the EEG trace.
Nootropil reduce the duration of vestibular nystagmus. Nootropil improve regional oxygen and glucose to the brain in patients with dementia after multiple heart attacks. Nootropil increase will inhibit the aggregation of activated platelets and, in conditions where there is abnormal rigidity of red blood cells, it can restore deformability and the ability to pass through microvessels.

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