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Remeron Generic Without Prescription

You can find Generic Remeron tablets called Mirtazapine. It is available in three different dosages, and both regular and orally disintegrating tablets. FDA assigned an "AB" rating of these medicines, which means that it should be equivalent to the branded version. However, generic medications are allowed to have different inactive ingredients, which can cause problems for people with certain allergies.
Remeron Generic (mirtazapine) is a prescription medication used to treat depression (also known as depression or clinical depression). The drug was first made ​​by Organon, USA. However, since the patent expired and generic Remeron is now available.
Forms and strengths of generic Remeron Generic Remeron is available in the following strengths and forms:
Mirtazapine 15mg tablet and orally disintegrating tablets
Mirtazapine 30mg tablet and orally disintegrating tablets
Mirtazapine 45 mg tablets and orally disintegrating tablets.

What Is Remeron Generic :

Mirtazapine an antidepressant or mood elevator is used to treat depression.